Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bug's first night in her "big girl" bed....

First of all, I have to say that I read all the reviews on this toddler bed (Walmart), before buying it, and they all said things like..."even a 9month pregnant mommy of three can put this only took 15 minutes!" Well, that pregnant mommy of three probably had directions in English too!!! In my box I only had Spanish instructions. I did figure most of it out from the pictures, but you know how clear those pictures can be!! Anyway, two hours later, DH finished it up when he got home. Turns out I put one of the bed rails on backwards....Good job, Mommy! Anyway, I was happy to be done with yesterday, and I asked myself "am I just adding to the craziness by transitioning Bug to a new bed tonight??

Nah....In true Bug form, she went right to sleep. What a good "roll with the punches" girl!! She did realize that she wasn't confined, so was up about 6 times to get a book, but every time I just went up and put her back in bed, and told her it was time for night-night. She never cried once. I love the fact that she is sooooooo easy going. It also just means that our next child will be exactly the opposite. Anyway, as of this posting (7:40am) she is still sleeping....YES! I get to have a relaxing shower!

So far, the bids on my Ellen stuff are up to $ on folks!!

Tomorrow we have our individual interviews at the agency. I am actually excited about it, and not the least bit nervous like I was for our first interview. I will update tomorrow on how that went. Last night DH created our fire evacuation plan (that has to be posted in our house). He did an excellent job....I knew he would, that is why I left that one for him! Tonight we will finalize our rough draft copy of our profile, so we can give that to the social worker tomorrow so they can look it over and make suggestions if we need to change anything.
Here's one more picture of our Bug....

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