Friday, January 4, 2008

Random thoughts...

Here is our a sun dress given to her by Grandma. She is set for summer (or for FL in a couple of months) for dresses. I am officially counting down the days to our FL/visiting Mickey Mouse, GG Ma and GGPa, Amanda and Randy/going to a Twins pre-season game/and just relaxing on the beach vacation. This cold weather is nasty. Someone please remind me why I don't live farther south?? Both DH and I say this every winter. I am just tryin to think warm thoughts...

Adoption update: We have our first appointment/interview with our social worker on 1/15. Maggie told us that at that time we will get yet another packet of paperwork to fill out. This is more just reading and signing forms, though, which will be nice. I have ordered the three adoption books that we each have to read before our class in March. Our first class is in two weeks.

I am looking forward to hopefully getting my winnings from the Ellen show this week sometime. Hello, EBAY! I almost have to sell them just to recover the cost of taxes on the stuff... O-Well.

Well my quiet time was cut short today....Bug has just woke up from a "not long enough" nap. Her cough is getting worse...I anticipate a visit to the doctor very soon. Not good...More later.

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