Sunday, January 20, 2008

You can never hold your babies too much...

Well, it has been a tad crazy around here lately. We had some friends over on Saturday night. They have two boys, G & G. The younger "G"was born with some problems, but we were happy to see him looking so healthy! Bug enjoyed playing with the older "G", and they had a blast. At 9pm, they were crazy was hilarious.

Saturday morning, we had our first adoption class. It was a tad familiar, as it covered baby care, attachment, and bonding. They had it set up as 10 "stations". The stations included, bathing baby, feeding baby, carseat info, first aid/cpr, diapering baby, etc. At the diapering station, after getting a presentation on how to put a diaper on, the "instructor" asked us if we wanted to try...I said "no thanks...I will have to change one in about an hour or so--its nice just to watch for awhile!!" Anyway, we were done and then we brought lunch home for our friend, Jen who watched Bug. Thanks, Jen!!

This week is going to be busy. We have two playdates, dentist appts for both DH and I, and then we have our second adoption "interviews" on Friday. These are going to be individual meetings, talking mostly about our childhood. After these, we just have our home visit, and that is it.

A couple of months ago I happened upon a blogger mom whose son was dying of cancer. He was four. I have been following her postings, and her son got his wings yesterday. He is finally free. The posting was so sad, so real. After getting the update, I went upstairs, took (sleeping) Bug out of her crib and just held her. You can never hold your babies too much...these type of realities help us to appreciate our kiddos even more than we already do. Say "Hi" to God for us, Julian!

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