Saturday, January 26, 2008

Our little snowbug...

Here is our little snowbug playing in the snow this morning. We decided to have a lazy Saturday morning, and start it off with sledding right after breakfast, and what a good time we did have!!

Adoption update: We had our second interviews with our social worker on Friday. These were individual. It went fine, nothing too crazy. We just talked about our lives growing up, happy times/sad times, life experiences, etc. They each lasted about two hours. I went first, then came home and took over with Bug, and DH went in. Luckily the agency's office is only about a 10 minute drive, so that is nice. I have my physical on Monday morning, then DH has his the following week on Tuesday the 5th. Our home visit will be February 6th. In the meantime, Heather (our social worker) is reviewing our profile, and will get that back to us to make changes and add our pictures. After that, we will make at least 10 color copies of our profile for the agency to have on hand to mail/give out to birthmoms. So, things are moving right along. So exciting....yet so crazy to think we will probably have another baby by Christmas! Heather promised us that we would be completely done/approved/officially waiting/being shown to birthmoms by the time we boarded our plane to head to Florida in late February. That will be an awesome relief...

So, I have been working at losing weight since the first of the year. I haven't told anyone how much I have lost, because I wanted it to be a surprise (because we haven't seen any family since Christmas)...I can hardly contain myself. I hit a nice number this morning....Any guesses on how many pounds I have lost???

Here are more pics of our morning in the snow..
And one more of Bug in her new bed...(that she loves!)

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