Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Huge update....

Here is a picture of our little Bug...she doesn't look so little here does she?? She is starting to look like a little girl now...Our baby is getting so big!! Where did the time go???

Well, DH and I had a nice evening out Saturday night. It was his company Holiday party. The party was at a brewery downtown. I can honestly say, we had a real good time. I think that was in part due to the fact that we actually used up all our drink tickets (that was the first time ever in 9 years of company parties!). I guess there is a first time for everything! Anyway, after we arrived and I called home to check and make sure Bug wasn't crying still, we had a nice dinner and of course some wine too! Although, I was relaxed and enjoying myself, I at one point looked down at my plate and realized I had cut ALL my meat up into little pieces. Once a Mom, always a Mom, I guess. It may have also had to do with the fact that my the time I was eating dinner, I was already on my second glass of wine. Who knows. Anyway, as we are sitting having dinner, I see a guy dressed up in a traditional German outfit sitting at the bar (Like this, but add 100 lbs and about 30 years!!).

I thought..."oh, surely he is just someone employed by the brewery as entertainment...we aren't' really going to have a polka band are we...??" Yes, I was correct, he was employed by the brewery, and yes he was the entertainment. The entertainment was called "The Brewhaus Polka Kings". This was a trio of "grandpas" in their German outfits (reference above picture, but remember to add 100 pounds and 30 years!!), one playing the accordion, one on the drums and cymbals, and one on a saxophone. All I could think was..."Are you kidding?? Are we really going to sit here and listen to polkas the entire evening?" The good news is they only played for about an hour and a half (yes that was long enough for us!!)...the bad news--THEY PLAYED FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF!! (I know Grandpap is watching down from Heaven shaking his head at me--sorry Grandpap--I was never a fan of polkas.) DH and I were the only ones at our table that didn't know all the words to all the songs that were played! I couldn't believe it! The band even played "Ring of Fire"--I can honestly say that was the weirdest version of that song I have ever heard. Did I mention the guy playing the saxophone was wearing a blaze orange hunting cap and jacket??? Only in Wisconsin....

Adoption Update: Huge update here: We had our first "interview" meeting with out social worker this morning (Bug was again with a babysitter). This meeting was to turn in our first pile of paperwork, get the second pile of paperwork, and talk about our infertility and why we are here. We also found out our social worker, Maggie, is leaving BCS to be a stay-at-home mom. We were sad to see her go, but our new social worker, Heather, is great too. She has one biological child, and one daughter she adopted from China. So, our first meeting took almost two hours. We set up our individual appointments, which will be on January 25th. Luckily, I asked the question--"About how long will it take to have our home study done, and be "paper ready" and being shown to birthmothers..?" The answer: Early February. WHAT?!?!?! I remained calm, but instantly my brain started reeling. I am excited, yet omigosh, we have a ton of stuff to get done! YIKES! They said the quicker we have all our paperwork done, the quicker we can be approved (by the state and BCS to accept a child into our home), the quicker you will be officially "waiting". So, now we are in crazy mode, trying to get all of this stuff done. The social worker also said..."we are very excited about having you in our domestic program"...in reference to the fact that we are open to any race. They also said, that "this may happen very quickly..." It is very likely that our son or daughter will find us quicker than originally thought...God works in awesome ways! We attend our first class this Saturday. Since we will be paper ready before our classes are done, Heather (our social worker) did say that in the case of being chosen by a birthmother before our 18hr education requirement was completed, that they would find ways for us to get our 18 hours in that didn't entail waiting to finish the classes (they end in April). We would probably read books, do online courses, etc. Now, we are going to work on all the new paperwork, and especially our profile. This will be available online and in person to birthmothers.

That is about all for now...Please pray for God to bless our journey and most of all to bless all birthmothers who make the decision, the selfless act of love, to give their child a life they couldn't provide.

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