Sunday, October 19, 2008

Crazy week...

Well, our week started out at Little Man's birthmom's basketball game. We had a good time, and "H" did a pretty good job! This is a picture of LM's birthmom's mother.

Thursday brought a 4 month check-up for Little Man. He got two shots, and he wasn't too happy about that at all. He checked in at 17lbs 4 oz, and 28 inches long. He is in the 95th percentile for both height and weight. Yikes...he is about a week from being out of his infant carseat. That should be interesting going grocery shopping. I guess it will have to be LM strapped on the front of me, and Bug in the cart I guess...

Friday, DH and I had our 10th anniversary celebration (about 2 months late...). We went out for dinner, then to a play. We had a good time, and actually talked....funny how that works when there aren't any diapers to be changed, hands to be washed, bottles to be washed, etc. It was weird though, going out with no diaper bag, and having a purse that only had necessities. No extra diapers, undies, travel potty seat, wipes, bottle, bib, snack cup, no extra outfits when the diaper can't hold what a 8 oz of formula does to a baby...shall I go on?!? :-) Anyway, it was just good to re-connect. Every time we do our date nights, we always say we should do it more often....that just never happens. In a perfect world I would like to be able to have date nights 2-3 times a month...hmmm, probably not gonna happen!

Saturday, I attended a Bethany adoption class...that was very emotional. They had a panel of birthmom's and the class just listened to their stories, and asked questions. It really hit home for me too...I think I was grieving a bit for our birthmom and her family knowing what a blessing and joy our Little Man is to us, and how much we cherish him each and every day. During parts of the class, there wasn't a dry eye in the entire room . I will definitely be attending again...

This week is fairly open. Ahhhh, a week of nothing going on! I will be getting ready to visit my family this weekend. I am going by myself for the weekend for a few reasons: meeting my best friends baby boy, Samuel, going to a massive craft fair with my mom and sister, helping to clean a little at Grandma's house, and bringing back some of the things she wanted me to have. It will be bittersweet, but I am really looking forward to staying in her house--being close to her stuff. I do miss her so much...and some days it feels like I just have to take time and grieve. It is sometimes hard to do with two little ones for that reason, I am glad I am going by myself. It is a much needed visit...

Well, I am STILL trying to figure out our new computer (and Windows Vista--Grrrr, don't get me started!!!), but DH figured out how to resize our pictures to email and put in the blog. :-) I still haven't figured out how to add new email addresses to my address book. Another oopsy we did is we didn't copy over our old address book to the new computer. So, I have no email addresses of anyone. If you are reading this, please email me a note, just so I have your email address, and I will put it into our address book. Gracias!

Now, here are a few pictures from the past week. It was quite busy, so I don't have alot--actually barely any. Most of these came from today. Unfortunately, LM was sleeping during the leaf pictures, so I will get some leaf pictures of him and his sister and post them later this week. Enjoy!

At the basketball game on Tuesday..."H" is the last one on the "bench"
LM flirting with Bug's baby doll (that pees after you feed her some water in a bottle). This baby also randomly coos, and moves her arms and legs. I sat the baby there to keep him happy, and it did--I got to eat lunch in peace!
Playing in the leaves today

Taking a ride on her "sit and spin"
...and taking a spill from her "sit and spin"

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