Monday, October 13, 2008

Trying something new...

I am actually blogging from our new computer. My DH worked like crazy to get it up and running over the weekend so that I didn't have to worry about little fingers messing with two computers for days on end. It is nice....I can get used to it for sure! I have a fancy little program that makes movies from your pictures. I can make a movie in about 15 minutes now!! So, my first movie is below--from our trip to the zoo yesterday.

I actually have lots of new pictures to post, but I have to figure out how to reduce them in size, so as not to use up all my space that blogger allows...As soon as I figure that out, you will be able to see them.

Not much else going on here--potty training is going very well. Tomorrow night we are going to one of Little Man's birthmom's basketball games. We are exited to see her play--I am sure she is very good! Thursday brings Little Man's four month check-up--any guesses on how much he weighs??? My money is on 18 pounds. Friday night is date/celebration night for DH and I. We are going to a play, and dinner to celebrate our 10th anniversary (belated due to my Grandma's passing). And to finish off the week, Saturday I am going to a four hour adoption class from 8am-noon. It is a required class for those wanting to adopt through our agency, and DH attended in April. I was unable to attend on that date, so they gave me another "assignment" in lieu of going to that class, so that we could get approved. Well, DH raved about this class, and said I should go to the next one, even if we do get placed before that. So, I am going to go. It is a class that stressed the importance of the adoption triad (adoptee, birthfamily, and adoptive family). The majority of the class is a panel of people in the adoption triad and it is open questions to those people. Now, having been through the adoption process, and having a good, open relationship with Little Man's birthfamily, it will be interesting to hear everyone's stories (since the people attending the class will likely not have ever been through adoption before...).

I think that is all for now...until I can figure out how to resize the most recent pictures, enjoy the video!

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