Wednesday, October 8, 2008

One Plump Pumpkin....

So, here is our Little Man practicing for Halloween. I had to go buy this outfit, because the pumpkin costume that Bug wore for her first Halloween was too small. He is wearing 6 month clothes, and will be in 9 month clothes very soon. Little Man will easily pass Bug up in weight, we are sure of it! What a plump, happy little pumpkin!!

Well, Day 5 of Potty Training Boot Camp, and we are doing ok, I think. Each day, Bug gets better about going on the potty. Today, so far, we have had no accidents. :-) She still isn't telling me that she has to go, but I am hoping that will come soon. Right now, I am just watching her body language (tippytoe walking, fidgeting, etc), and then telling her it is time to sit on the potty. She gets REAL excited when she gets a M&M after doing her "business". We are coming along....sometimes I just wish it would go a little quicker. I know, patience-patience-patience.

We have our yearly Florida trip planned out--now I just have to book it. I am waiting to hear back from DH's grandparents to make sure they will be around that week, before I buy 3 airplane tickets. I ended up finding airfare for 3 for $772, SUV rental for $300 (for a week, with DH corporate discount!), and 4 nights at the hotel (right on the beach) for $330. Not bad, I don't think. The only thing that makes me a tad nervous, is that Tampa will be a disaster around that time, because of the Super Bowl. We are planning on flying back home the day before the Super Bowl....bad plan??

Anyway, I better get scrapbooking--must utilize nap time! I will leave you with one more picture I took this morning--it reminds me of how blessed I am to be able to be a stay-at-home Mom.

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