Saturday, October 11, 2008

It may be awhile...

Here is Bug while we were playing outside last night. Daddy was trying to teach her to hit a ball with a bat. She had more fun swinging the bat at the bubbles DH was making, until she smacked the side of the garage door and actually dented it. Daddy said, " Ok, we are done with the bat now.." Did I mention the bat was plastic?? We will be signing her up for T-ball for sure!!

Well, potty training is coming along very nicely. We all ventured out to Walmart this morning. Bug went potty at Wally-world with no problem. Yay! I was afraid she would get scared with the loud flushing, and be traumatized...but she did just fine. No "#2" messes in two days now, so this Mama is happy!!! Nothing a little bribery with ice cream can't do, right?

We booked our Florida trip...I can't wait!! We are going to be visiting DH's grandparents for three days, then the rest of the time, we are plopping our heinies on the beach! We might possibly throw a visit to a Disney Park with our friends who live in Tampa, but we aren't sure of that yet. We are staying at the same place we did a few years back, when Bug went on her first trip (at 7 months old). It is perfect for us--lots of old people, not really a party place, and it is right on the beach. Ahhhhh. I wonder how Little Man will like the sand. I remember Bug hated it at first. She cried till she got used to it, then it was just fine! (Here is Bug experiencing sand for the first time in February of 2007. Note the pouty face.)

Anyway, we just got a new computer, so it may be awhile before you see another entry from me. I have to spend my spare time the next few days transferring over all our pictures (and files)...and those who know me well, know how many pictures I take....See you in a week or so! Here are a few more pictures from yesterday...

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