Monday, October 27, 2008

A new home for a cherished piece....

Well, I had a wonderful weekend visiting with my family. I did all I set out to do this weekend--meeting my friends new son, Samuel, picking up the desk my Grandma wanted me to have, going to a craft fair with Mom and my sister, and much more. I stayed at my parents house one night, and my Grandma's house the other night. While staying at my Grandma's house, it wasn't as emotional as I thought it would be. I think because we were always busy. We did come across something very dear to me. When I was little (between 2 and 4 yrs old) my grandparents used to record me on audio tape singing. Singing anything-prayers, nursery rhymes, basically anything you can think of (my mom told me that when we used to go to a store, I would sing the entire time we were walking around..). So, we found three of those audio tapes. We listened to them, and one song in particular brought me to tears (in addition to the first time I heard Grandma's voice on the tape). It was of me and Grandma singing a song together, when I was about 3 or so. It went like this:

"Two little eyes to look to GOD,
Two little ears to hear HIS word,
Two little feet to walk HIS way,
Two hands to serve HIM all the day."

There was also a tape of my Grandpa talking to me when I was 4 months old (and me cooing/talking). Even then, I wouldn't stop "talking"!! It was neat to hear my Grandpa's voice, since I don't really remember it. He passed away when I was four-in December of 1980.

We also cleaned out the secretary desk (pictured above, in it's new home) that my Grandma wanted me to have, and loaded it in my van, along with her glider. She only bought her glider about 3 years ago, but it was her favorite, and every time we were there, she was sitting in it. It was weird seeing so much open space in her living room...just another reminder. I held it together pretty well during the trip, but on the four hour drive home, is when it seems to hit me. When I have nothing to do but drive and think, I start remembering all the fun times, the conversations we had, memories as a child, and then the tears come....

DH said he had a good weekend with the kiddos (honestly, we have barely talked in depth about his weekend, because after I got home last night, it was so busy). On Saturday, they went to visit Little Man's birthmom and her family for a few hours, then some friends who live in the same town. Both kiddos were good, and Bug had very few accidents. For that, I am glad--both for Bug and Daddy! More messes would have just stressed him out.

Anyway, I think that is about all. This week seems full again. Tomorrow afternoon, we are going to the pumpkin patch (yes, we are late this year!), then I have bible study at night. Wednesday night we are carving pumpkins (and I am roasting pumpkin seeds!), Thursday I am hosting a playgroup (so I also have to clean Wednesday night) at our house, and Friday is clear!! YAY for a open day! Saturday, LM and I are heading to a local baby store to sit at a Bethany Christian Services booth to answer any questions prospective adoptive parents might have (November is "National Adoption Month"). That really is all are some pictures from the weekend:
LM cuddling with his big sister in her bed
Being goofy... Watching Sesame Street together....peacefully!! Little Man with his biological Great-Grandma, Kit LM and his birthmom This is my new "nephew" Samuel David. He is two days shy of being one month old in this picture, and he still hasn't hit 6 pounds yet. What a cute little peanut!!! Holding him was such a change for me, from lugging around a (almost) 18 pound four month old. I came over to their house to take this picture to use in his birth announcements. Isn't he so cute!?!?! This is my Grandma's house. It has so many memories, so each time I go back I take a few pictures. It will be a sad day when the house is sold, but it will ALWAYS be my Grandma's house.

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