Friday, October 10, 2008

From M&M's to Grapes

Awww, how cute is this?? Bug loves her baby brother so much!!

Not that I want to turn this into a Potty blog, but getting your child potty trained is a huge deal, right?! Well, we went one day with no "accidents" (except for the poo-poo--which she was refusing to put in the potty!). Today, for the first time folks, she went poo on the potty!!! I was so excited!! (side note: I knew I always wanted to be a Mommy, and knew obviously, that someday I would be potty training, but I never expected to be so excited about poop before!!!) Anyway, she is progressing well. We are done doing M&M's for rewards for going pee-pee. We went to using grapes (obviously, more healthy--plus I didn't want to look like a bad parent at her first dental appointment!!), but now she doesn't even ask for those! Yay!! Now, we just have to master going "#2", and I will be a happy camper!!!

Other than that nothing much else going on here. There isn't much going on because we have been home for a whole week (potty training)--I am about to loose my mind. What am I going to do during the winter??? Yikes... Anyway, on Sunday we are going to the zoo for a NICU reunion. Bug was a "graduate" of the NICU at our local hospital after her birth, so the hospital hosts a "reunion" every year at different places. This is the first year we have attended, and it is at the zoo. So we have a free day at the zoo, courtesy of our local hospital. Thanks WMH!! This will be our first visit to the zoo this year. Bug will love seeing the animals, and will really love the carousel and the train ride. It will also be interesting seeing her do her potty thing at the zoo...I am guessing I should probably bring lots of pairs of undies and jeans!!

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