Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A birthday shout out!

This is a picture of my Mom (when she was about 4) who celebrated her, um, ahem, 40th birthday yesterday. Wasn't she so cute?? I just love this childhood picture of her. Anyway, Mom, I love you so much. Thank you for all you do. You will always be my Mom AND my Best Friend too! We hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday!!!

As I type, I have one child watching Curious George (Bug), and one child sleeping (Bubby). Bubby is getting sick. He woke up at 5:45am fussing. When I got him, his entire onesie from the neckline to about his bellybutton, was soaked in snot/slobber. Lovely. I am really hoping it is just his 3 big teeth he has coming in, but I kinda doubt it. We had to cancel our play date today, so we are just going to hang out at home today.

Bug is just loving preschool...despite a crying episode when I dropped her off yesterday(???). Yeah, that pretty much ripped my heart out. She cried, and said she just wanted to be with me. She has also been stuffy/runny nose/itchy throat, but I am thinking that is seasonal allergies. I have started giving her Zyrtec, and it seems to work pretty well for her.

I need to request some prayers. I have two good friends whose children are both going to have serious surgeries in the same week in October. "A" is going to have open heart surgery. She is 4. "G" is going to have surgery on his kidneys. He is 2 1/2. Please pray for both of these families. We love both these families, and are just praying for good results for both these children. Pray for God to heal these children, to guide the surgeons' hands, and especially peace for the parents. I can't imagine having my child go into surgery, let alone, such a serious surgery. Prayers for you all.

Not much else going on. Tomorrow hubby and I have dentist appointments at 7:30am. Yes, you read correctly--7:30am. That should be interesting. We have to leave the house at 7:10am, which means the kids have to be up at 6:30am, which means I have to be up at 5:30am. Lovely start to a day. Bug will probably fall asleep at preschool tomorrow. Friday, Bubby has his 15 month well baby checkup. More shots probably. That will also be fun. O-well, what can you do, right? Saturday, we are going to take the kids to the local "apple festival" for a few hours in the morning. The only other thing we may do this weekend (besides hubby probably working), is to try to get some stuff on our walls. I am sick of having empty walls. Anyway, have a good week everyone!!

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