Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Family Pictures...

Here are only a handful of the family pictures we had taken this past weekend. Enjoy!Bubby - 15 Months time flies!

Bug 3 years 3 months, and Bubby 15 months
I really liked this picture originally, until I got the big one I ordered, and all you can see of Bug is from the shoulders up. It was cropped and zoomed so much, it looked like Bug was photoshopped in... (???)
Ok, now to extended family pictures. These are my sisters kids.
My sister's son, KM. He is so darn cute!!!
This is KM's baby sister, RK. Ummm, yeah, you can tell they are siblings...if you compare KM's baby picture with this, they look ALOT alike.
That is a good picture. My sister, her husband, and kids.
My brother, L, and baby L. Baby L looks like his Mama...he is so cute!
Baby L
All the Grandkids--I didn't realize till just now that Bug and her cousin KM are holding hands. So cute!
My baby brother, D--now THAT makes me feel old!!
The 4 siblings--good picture, bad background.
My parents
...and FINALLY, the whole "Motley" crew...

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