Monday, September 21, 2009

A HOHO Shoutout!

This is another birthday shoutout--this one is to my Dad...who turned, well, ummmm, 'Ahem' 51 today. I love you Dad. You Rock as a Dad, and the best HOHO ever! Hope you had a great birthday!! This picture of my Dad was taken when he was about 7 years old. Man, does my brother look like him. Sorta scary how much they look alike! This is a picture of my Dad in college...Nice looking guy, huh?? Almost "hottie" status!!
This week is a busy one for us. Today was my "free" day...which was kinda nice. Tomorrow, Bug to preschool in the morning, then back home by 9:30 to be here when the carpet measuring guy comes. We bought new carpet for our basement, so they must get an accurate measurement. Then, after dinner, I have bible study. Wednesday morning I have an appointment with a knee surgeon to see what needs (if anything) to be done to my knee. While Bubby and I are at the knee doctor, Bug will be having a playdate with her friends (THANKS A BUNCH, K!!). Wednesday night I am having a friend over to scrapbook and drink margaritas. I wonder what the ratio of completed scrapbook pages to empty margarita glasses will be. My guess is 1:3...but we could surprise ourselves, and actually get some scrapbooking done! After we complete one, possibly two scrapbook pages, and "T" leaves, I have to go empty the basement of toys. Thursday brings preschool, then back home to have the carpet installers start working on the basement. I guess it takes about 5 hours to lay carpet. Thursday night, I have to pack our stuff to our trip to my parents house. We are making it a one day trip though, due to other scheduling issues on Sunday here. Leaving on Friday morning, coming home Saturday night, then finally rest. Wait...before heading to bed, I have to make some kind of dish to take to church on Sunday. After that, rest. Sunday is the day of rest, right??

Have a good week, everyone!

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