Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rewind to August 1, 2008

I am now getting caught up on posting pictures from the recent past. Here are some pictures of my hubby's cousin's wedding, we attended the day before we moved. Enjoy! This is a beautiful garden at the local zoo that we took the kids to for a few hours. A beautiful place, and it was free too!!

At the hotel, the day before the wedding having fun in the pool. L-R: Erin, Andrew, Aunt Tracy, Bubby, Bug, Uncle Michael
Bug and her Auntie, having fun on the water slide!
After the ceremony, waiting for our turn for pictures. (Aunt Tracy and Great Grandma)
Great Grandma with her Grandchildren (minus Matt who was at home awaiting the arrival of his child)
Bug met a friend at the wedding, Maddie
Great Grandma with Chris and Steve, after the ceremony
The cake....beautiful. I am partial though, because we had navy blue, white and silver for our wedding colors too!! Excellent choice on colors, Steve and Chris!!
I love this picture!! (totally posed, though!!)
This is the first of the professional pictures. This is the entire (minus 4 who couldn't make it) family. The Groom is DH's cousin.
Congrats, Steve and Chris!! We are so happy for you both!
Candid shot taken by the professional photographer, taken outside at the reception. I love this picture!
Daddy dancing with his babes...
Dancin' with my little girl...
This picture was taken shortly after Bug vomited in my hand on the dance floor, because she was a crazy girl dancing so hard too soon after her meal. I made her sit for awhile with a glass of water for a break. I can tell in this picture, she has a mouthful of water. Nice.
Dancin' with Cousin Jen

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