Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A budding photographer...

Yesterday, Bug was acting bored, and she is ALWAYS asking to use our camera, SO I let her take our camera around the house and take whatever pictures she wanted to. The only rule was the camera strap HAD to stay around her neck--no dropping the camera, putting it in water, etc. (I would NEVER be able to trust Bubby to do this at 3!!) She was gone for about 20 minutes, then came back and said.."I'm done Mommy. Look at my pictures." She took about 50 pictures, and this is a sample of what she took:

Ok, not bad...and in focus too!
Gotta take pictures of the LeapFrog fridge letters...
Ok, here we are downstairs in the 'Little People' bin of toys....again, in focus. Very good.THIS is the picture that made me laugh out loud...proof that I am not a horrible keeper of the impromptu picture of the toilet bowl?? Not bad lookin...

Enough of that--OK, here are some pictures taken recently:

This is a picture of our son eating spaghetti a couple of nights ago. He was actually taking a noodle, putting it in between his big toe, then putting it in between his other big toe, then taking it out and eating it. Lovely. THAT makes me proud.
DISCLAIMER TO ALL MOMS, SISTERS, GRANDMAS, ETC: I realize how unsafe this is, because of the proximity to the brick fireplace, however, when I saw it, instead of freaking out, I grabbed the camera. This picture was taken this morning. We were rocking out to some music, and each kiddo had a flashlight, which they were using for a microphone. I walked out to the kitchen for a few minutes, and peeked in to check on them, and this is what I saw. Bug was talking and yelling in her "microphone" and Bubby was screaming in his "microphone". In hindsight, I should have grabbed the camcorder instead...but o-well. Bug rockin' out "onstage"

Bug had another milestone today--her first REAL dentist appointment. She really should have had it about three months ago, around her third birthday, but it was re-scheduled twice, so here we are. She was a trooper. No tears. She was an angel. It may have helped that Bug got to meet "Miss J" (the dental hygienist) on Sunday because she goes to our church. I thought it would be a good thing to meet her ahead of time, so Miss J and Bug chatted a bit before church on Sunday. Here are some pictures from this morning:

Bug getting ready for Miss J to come in and start cleaning her teeth. I don't know this kind lady's name, but Thank You kind lady for being so nice to my baby on her first dentist appointment
Happy to get the junk scraped off her teeth!
This is my other angel baby...Bubby sat completely quiet the entire 35 minutes Bug was in the chair. I was amazed. I think it helped that I had to wake him up from his nap to go to the dentist, so he was kinda out of it. As long as he has his blankie when he is tired, he usually doesn't make a peep. Nice.
Playing with the HUGE toothbrush, while waiting for Miss J to come...
"The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades..."
Almost done...
Bug cracks me up...the entire time, she held her arm up so her bracelets wouldn't fall off...hilarious. Watch out for the glare! I think Dr. B needs a hat!
DONE!!! She was SO excited to choose her own new toothbrush (pink, of course!) AND toothpaste (bubble gum or mint), and a toy from the treasure chest. She also got her name entered in a monthly drawing for a teddy bear, because she didn't have any cavities. Yay, Bug!

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