Monday, September 24, 2007

The 3 V's--Verset, Vicoden, and Valium

So, today went well. I am going to hurry with this blog, as my Vicoden hasn't set in yet. Maybe by the end of the blog, you will be able to tell that it has!!! :-) First--they had problems getting an IV in. They tried twice in the underside of my wrist. I will not put in words how much that hurt, as I don't want my blog to get tagged for inappropriate language!! :-) They finally got one in my other wrist. Yikes. Anyway, mercifully, they let the Verset (sp?) run, and I was one happy woman!!! I specifically remember saying..."Oh, Yeah, Baby...", and then the little Japanese nurse started to laugh. Anyway, part of the problem with the IV's is that I was nervous, and this tends to collapse the veins. When we go back on Thursday for the embryo transfer, I am going to take 2 Valium an hour before. :-) :-)

I am surprised at how well I feel right now (could this possibly be the gamut of narcotics running through me currently?!?). I feel like I could go to the shopping mall. I am still uncomfortable in my midsection due to my ovaries. Unfortunately, you don't magically feel good again once the eggs are out. Once the follicle is suctioned out, it automatically fills up with fluid. It will take a few days for my body to absorb that fluid. My hip hurts more than anything right now. This is where they gave me my IM shot while I was out. Starting tomorrow, DH will be giving me a IM shot in my hip 2x's a day. Those ones hurt, but I make sure to "ice my heiney" first, then it is usually no problem...unless of course I nagged him too much that day, and he purposely picks a place where the ice never was.

Anyway, I don't know exactly how many eggs they got today. This was the first time that they didn't tell me an exact number. What a letdown. The good news is that they said they got more than last time. :-) The real important call comes tomorrow when the embryologist calls to let us know how many embryo's we have and their quality.

Wow...I think the Vicoden is starting to work. Much harder to type now. Getting woozy....will update with the number of embryos tomorrow...Prayers for lots of good embryos, Please!!!

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