Sunday, September 23, 2007

I know it's tough to admit....

So, I first have to de-bunk the fact that DH "hates" chick flicks. It took him quite a long time to publish the blog from yesterday. Why, you ask?!? Yes, folks, he was watching the movie "Music and Lyrics" with me!!! He was actually laughing more than I was. He actually enjoyed the movie because "well, there was a British guy doing pretty good one-liners...". Honey, I know it's tough to admit that once in awhile a "chick flick" is ok!!! :-)

I am officially done with belly shots. I took my last one last night. In a previous blog, I said that the "final maturation for the eggs" shot was IM. I was incorrect, mercifully. It was another belly shot that I did at 10pm last night--exactly 36 hours before the egg retrieval. The drug is actually HcG, the same hormone that appears when you are pregnant. To verify this shot "took", I have to take a pregnancy test this afternoon. It has to come out positive to prove the hormone made it to the ovaries. I also had to take a "booster shot" of stimulation medication yesterday around 4pm, just to boost the existing follicles to try to get the best possible egg quality. I am going to enjoy my "shot-free" Sunday. Luckily, they ok'ed me to take Advil for pain, if it gets too bad. This does no damage to the eggs...I made sure of that. I actually took advantage of this, and took some last night. I was surprised at how much it helped. I felt like normal for about 2 hours.

Tonight, starting at 5pm, I am on a liquid diet. Lovely. I have plenty of pulp-free juice, jello, and broth to get me through. I will be eating a nice dinner about 4:45!! My suggestion was omelets!! HaHa.. I can't have water or food for 8 hours before my surgery. (Yes, I will be getting up at 1:45am, and having a jello and some juice!!)

The exciting part about is tomorrow is that we will finally be able to know how many eggs we actually have. The number, in the past, has been around 12. Not all of these will be able to be used. They may be immature, or possibly over-mature. Please pray for us...the nerve-wracking period is officially beginning.

This picture is of Bug "reading" a magazine (that just happens to be called "Conceive"--yes it was a freebie at the Dr office!!) She loves looking at magazines and glossy ads! She will hold them up and stare at them like she is actually reading. It is the funniest thing...

Well, I am pretty sure that is enough rambling for today...I will update sometime tomorrow.

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