Friday, September 14, 2007

McDonalds, Anyone?!?!

My seat belt is on--I am officially on the IVF roller coaster!! Everything checked out at the doc's office this morning, in fact they told me I have a "nice hamburger!". Yes, folks, a good (pre-stimulated drugs) uterus looks like a big hamburger. Hey, when you go through this stuff, you have to laugh, right??? Attached is a picture...(if you thought I was joking!) Is it me, or is anyone else craving a greasy burger from McDonald's??? :-)

I start my egg-producing drug tonight. 300iu's of Gonal F daily. This dose is 75iu's more than when I was on my last cycle (Bug's cycle). This means I will probably be on the drug about a week, which will yield approximately 15 eggs. I am just guessing based off of previous cycles. So, now I am giving myself one shot in the morning (to keep the eggs from ovulating), and one shot at night (to grow the eggs).

My next visit will be on Monday, for another ultrasound and blood draw. In addition to that, I will have an infusion of IVIG. This is a drug that prevents my immune system from attacking the embryos, after they are put back in. This takes about 3 hours, and is done by IV. The only thing that sucks about it, is it makes you feel bitterly cold, and sometimes makes you throw up. I will have to do one more IVIG before I find out if I am pregnant, and that will be while I am under anesthetic during the egg retrieval.
That is all for now...I am off to enjoy the weekend.

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