Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The cutest thing ever....

Well, here we are. No change on the IVF front. I am still doing the daily belly shots. As I said before, you can hardly feel these...UNLESS you hit a vein. Stings like crazy, and you watch a bruise about the size of a quarter grow on your skin. So far, I have 3 bruises. I guess my aim is not so good, huh??

Yesterday, I had a typical shopping experience with a toddler (who would prefer to be walking than in the shopping cart). Long story short, we had four stops, and the last one--the grocery store--Bug decided she needed to squeeze the bread. In an attempt to stop this from happening, I rescued the bread and in doing so, the bread got caught on the cart, and ripped a huge hole in the top of the package. At this point, she starts to scream (in part because I think I scared her grabbing the bread so fast, the other part because she didn't get her way). Lovely. Now, I just finish shopping as fast as possible and get on my way. To top this wonderful shopping morning off, once home, I finish unloading the groceries. I start to unload the 12pk of soda into the fridge, and soda is dripping from the case. (insert more harsh words than "UFF-DA") I was so frustrated that I didn't finish cleaning that up till after lunch, and after Bug was in bed, napping. Much easier to wait till she is in bed, than trying to keep her from dancing in the puddles of soda on the floor.

We are getting ready for a possible 2-3 day trip to Michigan, for DH's job. Gee I wonder how the trip will go with Bug?!? ( I am shaking my 8-ball right now--It said "Outlook not so good")

We have successfully taught Bug to pray before meals...I have to say, it is the cutest thing ever. I think she thinks if she folds her hands, and squeezes them as hard as possible, the food will come quicker! Not so, my dear.

The last picture I am including was taken today. I think this is Bug's way of telling me to stop taking so many blasted pictures of her. Don't worry Bug, the camera is packed away now (until tomorrow anyway!).

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Heather said...

Ahhh... this is why I avoid the grocery store with mine. Although, I haven't figured out to leave her with someone for the Target trips....