Thursday, September 6, 2007

Crickets Chirping....

So, to those reading this who know us well, know that we hardly ever go out to dinner. Due to one income, and the fact that If I wanted to eat dinner in my jammies I could, I would rather just stay home. Last night, DH got home from work early, and suggested going out to dinner. I agreed, and off we went to the local pizza joint. For those of you reading who are local, we went to Mia's, (formally Mama Mia's), downtown. I felt like Jerry Seinfeld at Babu's Pakistani restaurant!!! We were the only one's there! (there was actually an elderly couple getting ready to leave as we were getting there--remember the episode with Jerry's parents eating dinner at 4pm??) Anyway, I am pretty sure I could hear crickets chirping in that place! Normally, we are there on a Friday or Saturday, when the place is packed. It was the most pleasurable dining experience we have had since Bug has hit "Toddler-hood". We didn't have to worry about keeping her quiet, and when she was done, we just put her down--just like at home! No worries about her getting in the way of other patrons, waitresses, etc. It was wonderful!!!

Bug had her first real experience with kiddie TV today. The TV is hardly on at our house, but today I decided to turn on Sesame Street to see what she thought of it. It was hilarious. She loved Elmo. She would yell with excitement, when she saw the puppets jumping around. It was so cute...

We have decided not to voluntarily subject ourselves to 10-12 hours of driving to and from Michigan (depending on how traffic is in Chicago) with an energetic toddler who doesn't like car seats for an extended amount of time...DH will go by himself, and the girls will hold down the fort!

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Saleen said...

Hey Amy! Just catching up with your blog! My fingers are crossed for you. Smart move about the 12 hour drive. We're debating a 7 hour one with two young kids, 90 lb puppy and largely pregnant but no longer puking me. What's the chance they all go and leave me home?
Talk to you soon!