Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Welcome, Pillow Ladies!!!

Welcome, Pillow Ladies--You know who you are! Hope you enjoy the updates!!

So, here is today's ultrasound picture. Today's follicle count is 11. I have 7 on my right ovary, and 4 on my left ovary. Sizes are 13-14mm in width, except one on the left side that is 8mm in width. The one that is 8mm probably won't yield a mature egg, as it hasn't caught up with the rest. The good news--all follicles but one is the same size, which usually means more mature eggs. Nurse says I am "textbook"--exactly the same results as last cycle. That makes me feel better. The picture is of my right ovary. In the picture you can only see 5 follicles (the big circles). Just remember, you normally have only one of these a month. This picture does not do my pain justice. Not pain yet....just VERY uncomfortable and lots of pressure.

The Doc thinks my eggs will be pulled on Monday the 24th. (Happy Birthday, SIS!!) We will know much more on Friday after another ultrasound. It was weird--at the Dr this morning, I commented on how I feel so well for being so far along on the stimulation drugs. Within a couple of hours, it bothers me to bend in the middle, and with every step I take, I can feel it in my ovaries. I know it sounds is so hard to describe. It almost feels like the ovaries are heavy and hanging down--making the pulling sensation on everything below my bellybutton. OK, that is enough description for everyone!!

DH will be staying home beginning tomorrow, till sometime next week, to help with Bug. Thank goodness, because I really just need to rest at this point. That is all for now. I will update again on Friday after the next ultrasound.

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