Sunday, September 30, 2007

Taco Sauce, anyone?????

So, we had something weird happen to us the other night. Saturday, in the early hours (specifically at 1am, and 3am--this was the morning of my second embryo transfer...), we woke to an alarm going off. It took me quite awhile to first of all wake up, and then to figure out what alarm was going off. Rob woke up and went to the kitchen, and the stove timer was going off. He came back to bed, and told me he had set this timer to remind me to take my medicine (I had to be on 4 days of an antibiotic and a steroid to aid the embryos in attaching..). In my half-awake state, I rolled over and went back to sleep. At 3am, the timer went off again. WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON???? When we were getting ready to go to the hospital for the embryo transfer, we were talking about it, and DH said that he didn't set the timer to go off (he must have been in a half-asleep fog too, when he told me that in the middle of the night!) I joked saying maybe that means we are going to have twins. Hahaha. Fast forward three hours--we walked in the door from the hospital, and guess what??? The timer was going off hasn't done it since. I am not going to think about what that might mean.....

The above picture is Bug cuddling with Mommy and keeping warm with the "lead" blanket made by Bug's Great-Great-Grandma. No joke--this blanket probably weighs 10 pounds. It rocks.
DH loves taco sauce on his tacos. He made tacos for dinner last night. He also has this habit of shaking the taco sauce bottle before applying it to his tacos. Well, last night we had a little taco sauce mishap. The only thing he can figure is that he must have loosened the lid, then set it back down. About 60 seconds later, he was ready to put some tasty taco sauce on his tacos...but what must we do first?? Yes, folks, he shook the bottle and taco sauce went EVERYWHERE!!! Picture this: he shook it sideways, so he had a big red stripe of taco sauce covering his sweatshirt, jeans, the chair, and all over the kitchen floor and on the wall. Of course, at first he was mad, but after he realized this was no one's fault but his own, he was laughing about it. I came extremely close to peeing my pants, I was laughing so hard. I actually had tears running down my face, I was laughing so hard. Needless to say, by the time he was done cleaning up the mess, Bug and I were done with dinner.
The picture on the right isn't very good, but in the corner, you can see the lid to the bottle still there amidst the random splotches of taco sauce, and of course the tacos sauce splatter on the wall by the outlet. On the table sits DH's uneaten, almost cold tacos. After I did all I could to stop laughing, I calmly told him "You know, you just gave me perfect blogging material." He gave me a look, and said "Yes Dear..."

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