Monday, September 17, 2007

IV's, follicles, and eggs, OH MY!

Well, today I went in for my ultrasound/blood draw/IVIG infusion. Luckily, my veins were behaving, and it only took two IV's to get the infusion started. I have so much scar tissue from all the previous blood draws/infusions from the past 3 IVF cycles. The last infusion I had was when I was about 26wks pregnant with Bug--that was the worst. It took nurses an hour and a half, and 12 IV's to finally get one to stay and work. They said if that one wouldn't have worked, they would have had to go into my leg or neck! Could you imagine??

My ultrasound today showed 4 follicles on my right side, and 2 on the left side (generally, where there is a follicle, there is a egg growing inside-mature/healthy eggs will be inside a follicle between 18-20mm in width). The right side follicle sizes were between 6-8mm in width, and the left side were between 4-6mm in width. In the past, my right side always reacts better than the left, so this isn't a surprise. This is very common for different sides to react better/worse than the other.

That is the update for today. I go back on Wednesday for another ultrasound/blood draw.

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