Wednesday, September 12, 2007

God's kind reminder...

Bug update:
Two molars are through, we are just waiting on the other one. In addition to general crabbiness from cutting teeth, Bug has got a nasty cold now. She looks and sounds quite miserable. I missed blogging yesterday, as I was completely exhausted from getting up almost every hour Monday night to suction her nose, so she could breathe(she sucks her thumb!). I think that was God's way of reminding me what it is like having a newborn...It was like he was saying..."Are you sure you are ready for this??" I surprised myself by not even taking a nap yesterday. I was soooo tired, but other things had to be tended to. Most fun was spending an hour on the phone dealing with a pharmacy regarding a prescription.

I have an appointment on Friday for what is called a "baseline blood draw and ultrasound". The purpose is to verify that the hormone levels are low (blood draw), and to verify that my ovaries are "quiet" (internal ultrasound). There needs to be no activity showing on the ovaries. They will measure the ovaries, as this will be the "baseline measurements". If everything pans out, I will start the stimulation drugs very soon. Once those are started, I go in every other day for a blood draw and ultrasound to monitor the size of the ovaries and number of follicles within the ovary, and to monitor the hormone levels. They can't let hormone levels or follicle size increase to fast, as that can cause something called OHS. (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome) I had the beginning of this with Bug's cycle, and it was the most pain I have ever been in. MUCH worse than giving birth. OHS is very serious, as your body can go into shock...and worse.

Science fact for today: Normal ovary is the size of a walnut. After being stimulated (via injectible meds), the general size of the ovary is the size of a medium orange. That will give you an idea of why, towards the end, it is so uncomfortable that I do absolutely nothing. Good thing DH will be taking some days off to be at home waiting on me!! I think I will use the "sick bell". I am sure he will be pleased with that!!

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Joshua said...

As Moses saw the burning bush God said, remove your sandals for the place where you are standing is holy ground. And God said, this ground was once ordinary, but because My presence invaded the earth in the burning bush the ground had become a holy place because Moses was standing in the presence of the Lord God.

And God says to the youth of America, when you are ready to stand in the presence of God, remember that everything around you must become consecrated, cleansed and pure for you are now walking on holy ground, holy territory and I tell you now as a visitation of the Lord God comes to the youth, you will know that the ground that they walk on is holy simply because the presence of God is with them. The Holy Spirit is dwelling in them; the Holy Spirit is prompting their every move! I hope you the best with all that you are!